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FIND FRIENDZION THE BEST MODERN MATERIAL APP DEVELOPMENT COMPANY IN HOSUR, INDIA With over 7 years of experience in this field, we have established ourselves as one of the leading mobile app development companies in Hosur. Our team of highly skilled app developers is dedicated to developing high-quality mobile apps that meet your requirements. We are proud to have served over 500 satisfied clients. Our success is based on understanding your business goals and developing innovative mobile solutions. Whether you are a start-up, a mid-sized company, or a large corporation, we can help you with your specific requirements.

One of the things that sets us apart is our dedication to excellence. We have a rigorous process to ensure the quality and ease of use of our mobile apps. We handle everything from ideation to deployment and maintenance. We provide UI/UX Design, Development, Testing, and Maintenance. we've helped different companies to achieve their goals. Our team of enthusiastic experts develops the app according to the requirements of our customers. We have mastered building android and iOS apps.

Apart from this, we have worked in building hybrid mobile apps using React Native, PWA, flutters, ionic. Friendzion is one of the leading mobile app development industries in India.

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Android was developed by Google as a mobile operating system for smartphones. Android is an open-source software. We are using the latest version of android technologies in our mob app development.

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iOS mobile operating system was developed by Apple extensively for its product or hardware. Our mobile apps are built or developed in such a manner that it uses current technology available in the market and widely supported by iOS and its hardware

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React Native and iconic

React Native is based on JavaScript that allows developing mobile apps for both IOS and Android OS. It mainly focuses on the speed of the app.Whereas, ionic is an HTML5 mobile app development framework. It’s a cross-platform framework. It's scalable and mainly focuses on “write once and run everywhere”.

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Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid apps use a web view control to present the HTML and JavaScript files in a full-screen format, using the native browser rendering engine. It consists of both Native mobile apps as well as web solutions. Simply, these applications can be accessed as an application on smart devices as well as on a Laptop. Friendzion team has the acquired knowledge of both technologies. This has helped us to achieve the best output when it comes to hybrid mobile apps.

Mobile application modernization

Upgrade your current mobile apps with our mobile application modernization services. We help you improve old systems, make the app look better, move it to a new platform, and connect it with other apps. By using the newest technology and design styles, we give your app a fresh start and keep you competitive in the ever-changing mobile app market.

  • User interface redesign
  • App migration and integration
  • Performance and feature enhancements
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    Mobile application maintenance & support

    Friendzion provides maintenance and support for your mobile applications. Our goal is to make your app stable and efficient. We do this by optimizing its functionality, fixing bugs, and adding new features. With our help, you can transform your business and save valuable time and money.

  • App performance monitoring optimization
  • Debugging and issue resolution
  • Advanced feature updates

  • Why Choose Friendzion for custom
    Mobile application development?

    Agile and streamlined app development process

    Our efficient and flexible process will ensure that you get your mobile application on time with the newest and best features.

    Strong development approach

    We create the app you want quickly and make sure to meet all your needs.

    Customer-Focused experience

    Give your customers a special and easy-to-use experience with personalized navigation.

    User-Friendly design

    Make your app easy to use and engaging with a smooth design that reflects your unique offerings.

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    Friendzion Technologies custom web application development process

    Project discussion

    In order to understand your requirements for custom web application development, our Business Analyst team will contact you.

    • Understanding of business objective, vision, and requirements.
    • Working on the scope of application development.
    • Concept presentation and project requirement discussion.
    • Drafting a proposal catering to the client’s requirements with custom web application development cost estimates.
    • Proposal presentation and approval

    Project planning

    This stage, based on which a plan is drawn up to implement it, consists of thorough research and analysis of the business, competitors, prospective clients as well as its corporate vision.

    • Analyzing custom web applications’ needs, objectives, vision, users, and other vital aspects Competitive analysis
    • Syncing technical and nontechnical aspects of the project
    • Project management plan with execution strategy

    Architectural layout

    The expert designers work on creating and developing user-friendly and interactive UI/ UX design which outlines the informational and navigational architecture of the website. UIUX design is based on:

    • User-friendly site architecture
    • Fluid design
    • Interactive interface
    • Multiple user access


    In order to provide you with a performance driven custom web application development platform, our expert developers are working on the latest technology stack.

    • Accelerated Mobile pages
    • Reports and Analytics dashboard
    • Required API Integrations
    • SEO optimized code


    In order to ensure that the web application is free of bugs, it must be tested in various scenarios. The QA team ensures that all the bugs have been addressed and rectified post-testing phase. The tests carried out on the Internet application are as follows:

    • Analyzing custom web applications’ needs, objectives, vision, users, and other vital aspects Competitive analysis
    • Syncing technical and nontechnical aspects of the project
    • Project management plan with execution strategy


    The web application is ready for deployment on the server following approval from the QA team. The custom web application is then hosted on the server with File Transfer Protocol.

    • Continuous feedback from user interaction is assessed
    • Post-deployment maintenance support under AMC
    • Renewing license and security certificates
    • Plan of the second development phase


    In order to encourage clients to constantly update, innovate, adapt and reassess their current software, we offer annual maintenance packages for them.

    • Upgrade and update the custom web application.
    • Resolve post-deployment issues.
    • Manage changes, updates, and configurations.
    • 24x7 uptime monitoring.
    • Content and image updates
    • On-demand and on-time support