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ERP for Fundraising & Donor Management

You can break down the unique problems of your charity organization on a cheap and simple basis with Friendzion Technology's Enterprise Resource Planning software. Our flexible system will enable you to perform accounting, reporting and administrative management tasks more easily. centralize the whole process on a single platform, covering donor management, visualisation of performances or outside.

In order to take advantage of the multiyear grant reporting capabilities and to enhance the functionality of the enterprise resource planning software with seamless integration, our custom cloud ERP solution increases collaboration between departments, demonstrates the management of contributed funds, expands your operations, and expands your operation.

Benefits of our Non Profit Trust Management Software

With Friendzion Technology Enterprise Resource Planning software, you can easily and cheaply break down the unique challenges of your non profit organization. Use our flexible system to streamline accounting, reporting and administrative tasks. centralize the entire process on a single platform, from donor management to performance visualization or beyond.

With our custom cloud ERP solution, boost departmental collaboration, demonstrate stewardship of contributed funds, scale your operation, comply with multi-year grant reporting capability, and expand enterprise resource planning software functionality via seamless integration. To learn more about our cloud based platform and other key features that support yourNonProfitNonProfit business, please visit www.NonProfitNonProfit.com.

Scalable Agriculture software development solution

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Scalable solution

To meet your growth and expansion plans and to provide you with a competitive edge, our travel solutions are designed in the future.

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Improve Your organization with Friendzion Technologies Software Solutions And Development

Bring new opportunities to Non-profit organization or NGO's operation with our ERPnext development system that navigates end-to-end trends and pain points.