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A website is a faceless salesman; it allows potential customers to see your products and services in the comfort of their homes. The customers would like to know a little more about your business purpose, even if you can't sell goods and services online.

The internet is the first place where potential business associates browse to check you out. A website is a part of your public image. Our experts help a lot of individuals and businesses to show the world what they got by designing a static website.

Types of Static Website

Websites for Services/Businesses

You're showing your services to the audience, establishing credibility and making it easy for them to reach you. It's a great place for advisers, traders, salons, accountants, cafes, gyms, doctors, veterinarians and more.

Product Marketing Website

Tell them about your features, benefits and let them know where to find it via the product marketing website. This is especially the case for cars, cell phones, ebooks, web classes and software as a service applications.

Personal Website

Start with a simple page that tells the world who you are, what you do, and where they can find out about you. Share your feelings with the outside world, it's a great idea to write about.

Portfolio Website

Let them know how to get it through your Product Marketing website by highlighting the features, benefits and telling them where. This is especially true of cars, mobile phones, ebooks, online courses, and software as a service applications.

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Why do you need a Static Website?

  • A static website allows you to compete with bigger and more established businesses.
  • A cost-effective solution that can be easily managed and optimized anytime from anywhere.
  • A static website serves as a 'communication tool' to keep customers interested and informed about your advancements and achievements.
  • Showcase more on your website and connect with social media platforms easily.