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At Friendzion, we provide comprehensive maintenance and support for all kinds of software applications in various technologies to our current and new clients. We provide maintenance and support services such as bug tracking and fixing; tech updates; security; backups; feature enhancement; regular updates; and reinventing the tech landscapes to meet the business requirements. We proactively manage software maintenance to ensure that it is bug free when deployed. To ensure the robustness and security of your web application, we follow the most up-to-date application software maintenance methods.

Friendzion offers bespoke corporate software maintenance solutions so you can focus on your core business functions. With over 8 years of experience in the software industry, our team of highly qualified software professionals is dedicated to providing you the best and most convenient maintenance solutions in your time zone. For all of your software softwares and web application requirements, we offer effective long term ongoing maintenance solutions and real time support to save you time and money.

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Adaptive maintenance

By adjusting and updating the application according to its optimal performance, we help you maintain a flexible application that changes with your operating environment. Adaptive maintenance will keep the application running in a constant state even when changed conditions are applied before it is rendered obsolete.

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Perfective maintenance

Improve application functionality, performance, security and ease of use while periodically updating old data and log management to add new features as needed. Use the reports on a regular basis to exploit transformational features.

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Corrective maintenance

In order to remove situations that degrade the quality of your application, perform corrective repair and removal of errors and malfunctions. By fixing defects and fixing bugs, you can increase your return on investment by enhancing the user experience.

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Preventive maintenance

By detecting and correcting latent errors before they become operational errors, future proof your application and enhance overall stability. In order to add relevant features and capabilities, as well as remove unnecessary components, it is effectively improving the existing operating characteristics.

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Third-party maintenance

In order to ensure the stability of everyday operations while addressing bugs at the same time, create new features through our third party maintenance services. Before the implementation of Third Party Maintenance Services, we will analyse applications' current infrastructure and development scope.

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Server migration

Overcome the server migration challenges that come with unforeseen operational demands, increased operational costs, and inefficient processes. Get help with data storage and ensure that your team gets access to the application's related information, while maintaining higher security.

How we work for
maintenance and support

Requirement collection & consulting

Our senior team will conduct an initial consultation, understanding your needs and value and using our experience to set clear and detailed maintenance goals.

Maintenance proposal

We formulate your requirements, sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA), work out a binding SLA in detail and provide you with a proposal with the workflows and cost details.

Evaluation and testing

We analyze your current IT infrastructure to analyze the scope of implementation of maintenance services. After the maintenance protocol is implemented, extensive testing is conducted to evaluate scalability and reliability.

Launch and reporting

Utilize teams with specialized knowledge for organizing answers and actions into comprehensible reports for record-keeping and as a guide for future maintenance.

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